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Leadership Scholarship

1921 Foundation Astute Diligence Leadership Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

The 1921 Foundation Leadership Scholar Program seeks to identify a hard working member of the Alpha Delta who has made significant contributions to the chapter. Applicants must excel academically, exhibit exceptional leadership potential, work well with others in the chapter, attend majority of chapter meetings and other meetings of significant interest, participate in community service activities and demonstrate ability to imitate and carry out programs. The applicant must be a current student, in good standing, and have been enrolled full time at USC, CSULA, or Occidental College the year prior to the date of application.

Each year, one student will be designated a Leadership Scholar and will receive $1000. The recipients may use the scholarship towards books, tuition fees, and other school expenses. Leadership Scholarships are not limited to any specific position held within the chapter. Any member that has shown outstanding qualities and the ability to sustain the chapter’s image through programming and/or fundraising while maintaining above a 3.0 GPA is eligible.  Only one member will be named Leadership Scholar per academic year.

Leadership Scholars are selected in the fall prior to the end of the first semester. Applications are screened during the month of December by 1921 Foundation Scholarship Committee. In January, finalists are invited to participate in a weekend selection process where they will be interviewed by members of the 1921 Foundation Scholarship Committee. Scholarship winners are selected on the basis of their applications, interviews, recommendations from the chapter, and performance in the chapter. Notification follows immediately.

Application Materials

All applicants must submit at least a 500 word essay on the topic “Effective Leadership,” along with a brief summary of their accomplishments within the chapter. The list of accomplishments cannot include events that occurred more than a year from the application due deadline.

Application Materials must be mailed in one packet. Transcripts and letters of recommendation should be included in the same packet. Incomplete, e-mailed or faxed applications will not be considered.

Application Deadline

December 4th – application will be considered for the 1921 Foundation Scholarship Program.

The 1921 Foundation Scholarship Committee will notify winners by January 15th and names will be posted on the 1921 Foundation Scholarship Program web site. Winners will be recognized at the Annual Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant, and receive a complimentary ticket to the pageant.

Scholarship Conditions

Leadership Scholarships may be used to supplement benefits from the college or university a student plans to attend and from other foundations or organizations. Scholars may use the scholarship to cover the costs of tuition, fees, books, room and board, computers, health insurance, and other college-related expenses.